New Toyota Cars

Explore the Toyota Vios


Starting at ₱ 629,000 ?

Maximum Output: 98HP/6,000rpm

Practical in design, simple in functionality, and spacious where it counts, the toyota vios is a compact saloon that sets a new standard for enjoyable and luxurious driving.

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Explore the Corolla Altis


Starting at ₱ 941,000 ?

Maximum Output: 122PS/6,000rpm

Founded on solid, core values, the Toyota Altis is a model that embodies the perfect balanced vehicle. Its sharp, cutting edge design complements its usability and safety without sacrificing practicality.

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Explore the Toyota Camry


Starting at ₱ 1,819,000 ?

Maximum Output: 178PS/6,000rpm

Elegance steps up with the Toyota Camry. Turns heads with its impeccable design. Drive in posh leather seats and experience the power under the hood. Excite your senses with the Camry.

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Explore the Toyota Yaris


Starting at ₱ 875,000 ?

Maximum Output:

The toyota yaris, now sporting a confident and stylish design on its exterior as opposed to its earlier iterations, is significantly larger, easier to maneuver, and more functional than ever before.

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Explore the Toyota Wigo


Starting at ₱ 537,000 ?

Maximum Output: 66PS/6,000rpm

The toyota wigo is the new mini hatchback guaranteed to provide its users with a hassle free experience. Simple to use, easy to understand, and smooth in performance, this is a solid choice for the many.

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