Vans and Pickups

Explore the Toyota Alphard


Starting at ₱ 3,379,000 ?

Maximum Output: 275PS/6,200rpm

From its premium design to its elite interior, the Toyota Alphard is a first-class experience on wheels. Coupled with a powerful engine, the Alphard takes you to your destination in style. The redesigned shell of the Alphard shows the world that you live in the lap of luxury.

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Explore the Toyota Hiace


Starting at ₱ 1,373,000 ?

Maximum Output: 136PS/3,400rpm

Discover the world around you with exceptional quality and reliability beneath a stylist form. For every journey, the Hiace is your dependable partner

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Explore the Toyota Previa


Starting at ₱ 2,773,000 ?

Maximum Output: 170PS/6,000rpm

The Toyota Previa is a perfect for the family comfortably, along with whatever you need to bring. Plus, the Previa’s luxurious look sets you apart from all the rest on the road.

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Explore the Toyota Hilux


Starting at ₱ 798,000 ?

Maximum Output: 147Hp/3,400rpm

The Toyota Hilux is not only powerful but fuel efficient. Its engine is designed to provide the maximum torque even with at a low RPM.

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